Tuscan tradition, full of history and culture, in the careful use of ingredients and in the use of oil, a primary product that has been widely used since Etruscan times. Tradition and continuous research are the characteristics that distinguish each of our creations.
Continuous research, the result of years of work and passion that have allowed us to prepare ancient flavors in a current and refined guise that manages to satisfy the most demanding palates.


The company was born from the fusion of a multi-year know-how of one of the founding members, in the cultivation and production of Italian extra virgin olive oil and the strength and youthful creativity of the second founding member. These two factors fused together have given rise to products capable of satisfying both people looking for the ancient and real flavors of oil and those looking for innovation and particularity in their dishes. Located in the heart of Tuscany, in a territory full of culture and with unique landscapes, V&P transmits the scents and flavors of this land in its products.


The generational exchange between father and son allows to bring to light the quality and excellence of Italian oil, recognized all over the world. The selection of raw materials and attention to conservation methods convey the goodness and flavors of true Italian tradition.


Our continuous research into products, both from the point of view of quality and image, characterize us and make us a reliable partner for our customers. The creation of new products, recipes and compositions, and a unique packaging create a real innovation on the market.